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Atom was raised by inner city amputee nuns who swung their prosthetic legs in his direction as punishment while shouting out the “Our Father.” All except for Sister Margaret, who couldn’t afford, nor wanted a prosthetic leg. She used her old school pirate wooden peg leg that hurt like hell. In fact, she named it “Hell” and carved it into the side with her bare fingernails. She was a bit cuckoo. She also wasn’t blind in one eye but wore an eyepatch anyway & had a parrot because she thought it really completed her pirate ensemble. She named the parrot Matthew, not for the apostle, but for her favorite “Friends” actor Matthew Perry.

Ignored  through much of his adolescence, Atom learned how to socialize with others by watching movie classics like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th. He found a real father figure in Silence of The Lambs.

That movie taught me so much like how to cook fava beans.  

Never having much luck wtih women and now single and in his 40's, Atom meets regularly with his parole officer and remains clean and sober for the most part.  We don't even know what that means, and find it's better not to ask. 


When Atom isn't programming, he can be found cleaning the restrooms.  He also spends time with his own business doing graphic design, video editing, multi-media marketing, and designing cool websites like this one.  In fact, he may be typing this right now.......Wait a minute.

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