Meet Doug.  Doug is the company president. Doug is also a music snob and yes, he thinks his music is superior to yours. Every morning Doug takes over and plays what he wants. Why? Because he can, and he's up anyway. 

Get the right vibe to start your morning with the perfect soundtrack to go along with your morning coffee.

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Nothing but Oasis because our owner Doug has a hard on for them.  It's actually weird.


You'll hear everything Oasis, plus Noel and Liam solo projects since they can't seem to get along.  ​

Start off every Saturday Night smooth with the Chairman of the Board.  It's an hour of non-stop Frank and it doesn't get cooler than that. Sponsored by i45NOW.

Join Lauri Coppock of Prime Lending Monday at 5. She'll be giving you invaluable advice on home mortgages all while playing her favorite Simon & Garfunkel tunes. 



Join Doug as he deals with his unhealthy obsession of the band Genesis every Sunday night. It's weird....we know.



Greg plays his favorite Beatles songs every Tuesday night. Why not join him to pay homage to one of the most influential bands in Rock-n-Roll history? 



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